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Landing Pages

Funnel Web Marketing are a website design and digital marketing agency based in Grimsby, Lincolnshire and covering Lincolnshire and surrounding counties. We use landing pages as one of our search engine marketing tools to help grow your business online.

What are landing pages?

In digital marketing, a landing page is a standalone web page. It is usually created specifically for the purposes of a marketing or advertising campaign. Landing pages are where a visitors “land” when they have clicked on a paid advertising link such as a pay per click advertising link.

Landing pages are designed with a single objective in mind – known as a Call to Action (CTA). This may be to call a phone number, complete an enquiry form or subscribe to a newsletter.


Simplicity is what makes landing pages the best choice for increasing conversion rates on your online marketing campaigns.

Why do we use landing pages?

The short answer is because landing pages help increase the conversion rates of your online advertising campaigns.

Why? Because landing pages are focused on a single objective that matches the intent of the ad that your visitors clicked on to reach that landing page. 

Landing pages are used to encourage people to take action. These are people who have done the necessary research and are ready to buy your product or service. They have likely typed in a long tail search term and your advert has been displayed. What is a long tail search term? See keyword research for more information.

What is the difference between a landing page and a normal website page?

A normal website page will be part of the overall structure of your website and hopefully will have been optimised for search engine visibility with …

rich, detailed content

links to additional information on your website

navigation menus

links to social media pages etc.

All of these things are required for your website to ensure you get found in organic search results. They provide useful information to visitors still in the research stage of the buying process. BUT they all offer distractions to the visitor.

A landing page by contrast will have minimal content, no links or menu structures and a clear simple single message. Maybe one of the following:

Call us!


Message us! 

Buy Now!



Landing Page - Message Match

A fundamental concept of conversion centred design is message match, which is the ability of your landing page to accurately reflect the messaging presented on the original advert. 

Most website visitors are  impatient and will leave your site within a few seconds of arrival if you don’t reinforce their mission with a matching message. 

Not only that but that message match should be clear and obvious immediately.

These examples shows a comparison of good and bad message match on a landing page for a Pay Per Click Advertising campaign:

An example of bad message match:

PPC Ad Text: Get 50% off Laser Tape Measures

Landing page message: Welcome to Harry’s Hardware

An example of good message match

PPC Ad Text: Get 50% off Laser Tape Measures

Landing page message:  Get 50% off Laser Tape Measures at Harry’s Hardware

By ensuring a strong message match, you are letting the visitor know that they made a “good click” and you have a better chance of securing the sale or the enquiry there and then.

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