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Website Design Lincolnshire

Funnel Web Marketing offer a professional, creative website design service in Lincolnshire and surrounding areas.

The websites we design will reflect your business objectives and help your brand from the rest.

We specialise in producing mobile friendly, responsive websites for local businesses and optimising them to give your business visibility in the search engine results pages for local searches on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

Our passion is in designing good looking, efficient, engaging websites that convey your message and personality and enable your audience to communicate with you.

For more information about our website design and optimisation services please call us on  01472 306100 or complete the form below and we will be in touch as soon as possible:

Frequently Asked Website Design Questions

You will probably have lots of questions you want answers to before you decide whether to use Funnel Web Marketing for your new website design. Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions about our website design service. If you can’t find the answers you need below, please feel free to contact us with your question. 

Will my website design be bespoke to my business or based on a template?

The truth is that it is a bit of both. Our website designs are primarily produced using WordPress. Our websites also use WordPress to manage the  website content.

“What is WordPress? In short it is the world’s most popular tool for creating and managing any kind of website. From simple blogs to a full-featured business websites, nearly 30% of all web-pages worldwide are thought to now be powered by WordPress..”

WordPress sites are based on “Themes”. Each theme provides a layout and a set of tools. For the majority of local business websites this is perfect. Also, the basic design and layout are fully customisable with your images, brand, logo, colours etc. Your website can easily have functionality added via the use of WordPress plug-ins. These plug-ins are similar in nature to Apps that you might get on a mobile phone or tablet. 

WordPress enables us to build attractive, feature rich websites at a much more competitive price and in much quicker time-frame than for the equivalent bespoke website. It’s a win win situation!

Will you analyse my current website before designing the new one?

Yes. Your existing website will be analysed by the the Funnel Web Marketing website design team before putting forward a new website design proposal.

Whilst we will just produce you a new web design if that is what you really want. Just building a website on its own is like a opening a shop on a remote hillside farm with only a dirt track to get to it. Only a select few people are going to find your shop and be able to get to it.

Our website marketing packages are designed to offer you a solution. They give you a new website with a great web design that is also optimised for search engine visibility. The packages also include digital marking, to generate you business both now and in the future.

Can you design a logo for my business?

Yes, of course we can create a logo for use in your new website design and the rest of the branding for your business.

Logo design is not included in the cost of designing your website or in any of our standard digital marketing packages . If you are interested in having a logo developed then please talk to your account manager for further details.

I have an existing brand, can you use it in my website design?

Developing a brand can take time money and effort. Changing your brand (re-branding) can also be expensive. This could include 

Re-designing your logo.

Changing colour schemes.

Re-printing business cards, letterheads and other promotional business literature.

Our design team will discuss your brand requirements with you.

They will only suggest a re-branding if they feel it is absolutely necessary to get across the right image for your business.

Will my new website be mobile friendly?

Yes. Your new website design will be mobile friendly! Google insist on it.

All of our websites are based on “responsive website design” techniques. This means that your website will automatically sense whether your website visitor is using a mobile phone, tablet or pc/laptop. The website will then adjust and display a version of the website optimised for that device.

Will my website be GDPR compliant?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) the EU data protection directive, came into effect on 25 May 2018 in the European Union (EU). GDPR aims to give individuals the right to say how and when their personal data is collected, stored and used.

At Funnel-WebMarketing we follow industry guidelines to ensure that your website is GDPR compliant. There is some work you will need to take care of yourself (if you haven’t already), but we will guide you through the process.

You must also look at how you collect, store and use personal data in other internal business systems to make sure the rest of your business is GDPR compliant.

To find out more check out these practical steps for website GDPR compliance.


How long will it take to complete my website?

The answer to how long it will take to complete your website depends on numerous factors.

The kind of website you want / need.

How many web pages are required.

How much work is required to search for suitable images and write text content. If you can provide images and text that we just need to optimise it will speed up the process.

etc etc.

After discussing your website design requirements you can typically expect to get a first draft design and layout within 7-10 working days. 

Once the general website design is signed off we will create the main structure of the site. Then we can start to write the content to create your foundation website. Your website will continue to grow and develop over the following months as part of our ongoing optimisation and development packages.


How much will my new website cost?

The cost of your website if designed on a stand alone basis will very much depend on your requirements. The more input you can give to the search for images and writing of text content etc. the better. You can expect to pay around £1000-1500 for the design and creation of the main structure of the website. Copywriting text content and sourcing images etc. is then done on an hourly rate and therefore can easily run into several thousands of pounds on top of the cost of the design.

If you take one of our complete optimisation / online growth packages,  you will pay for the design and structure. Everything else is then included in the ongoing monthly fee. Our packages ensure your website is optimised and updated with new content regularly.


Will I be able to update the content on my website?

Yes. Our websites are created using WordPress – the worlds’ most popular content management system and blogging platform.

The ability to update the content on your website therefore comes as standard, however we would recommend that you leave updates to us.

When we update your website content, we take care to:

optimise the text

optimise images for speed of loading

insert any relevant meta-tags

create links to other relevant content on your website.

All important aspects of search engine optimisation.

If you are signed up to one of our packages, this all comes as standard, so why not leave it to us.

How many pages will my website be and can I add more later?

The number of pages on your website will depend on your requirements and things like:

the size of your business

what industry you are in

how many products and services you offer etc etc

It is also worth remembering that your website is not a book with a limited number of pages. It will therefore grow, change and develop as your business does.

For optimisation purposes we will add new web content on a regular basis in the form of additional information pages, news items, blogs etc.

Yes, you can add new pages later but if you are signed up to one of our online growth packages these updates are included as standard. So why not leave it to the professionals to add the website content to your website design and optimise it for you in the process.


Will my website be linked to Social Media sites like Facebook?

We will link your new website to existing social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ etc if you have them.

If you don’t already have these social media business pages setup then we can do this for you. We can make sure they are consistent with the design / branding of your website.

If you are signed up to one of our online presence or online growth packages then this is all included in the price and will be done as standard.

Can you optimise my new website for search engines?

Your website design and creation with Funnel Web Marketing includes certain optimisations as standard. All “on-page” optimisations will be done as part of building your website. This includes but is not limited to:

text optimisation

image optimisation (for speed of loading)

image alt tags and other meta tags

text optimisation for keyword density etc.

internal linking to create depth of content

Full blown Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is much more involved than just the on-page factors. The best and most cost effective way to get your website fully optimised is to sign up with one of our ongoing maintenance and optimisation packages.

Contact us for more information.