Online Presence – Level 1

Level 1

£ 399
/ month
  • Entry level online presence package
  • Designed to ensure your website has a solid foundation on which to build.
  • Complete analysis of your website to identify all areas for improvement
  • In-depth keyword research to identify important words and phrases to use to optimise your pages.
  • Complete on-page SEO across your website (internal links, meta tags, image optimisation etc).
  • Regular website content changes / updates to encourage search engines to come back more often.

All of Funnel-WebMarketing’ online presence packages use industry standard SEO practices as a base.

What is entry level online presence?

This is our lowest price online presence (including SEO) package for those on a restricted budget.

This package will ensure all the essential SEO tasks on your website are complete and start the process of important regular content updates.

What is included?

  • Complete assessment of your website for improvements (looking for broken links, missing meta tags, page load speeds etc).
  • Business analysis – understanding who you business is, what it does and what makes it different to your competitors.
  • Competitor analysis  – who are your main competitors, how are they promoting their business and what keywords and phrases are they using.
  • Keyword research to establish the most likely keywords and phrases to generate leads for your business.
  • Complete on-page SEO across your website, ensuring no broken links, inserting relevant internal links, updating all essential meta tags (source code tags), image optimisation for speed of loading, keyword density etc.
  • Copywriting of new content for new and existing web pages.
  • Submission of a suitable sitemap to ensure that all pages are correctly visited and indexed.

My website is not mobile / tablet friendly – is that a problem?

It is an issue for Search Engine Optimisation BUT it is not a problem that cannot be solved. Depending on your website construction and hosting, if your website is not a responsive site (ie. it does not automatically change how it displays between computer/laptop, tablet and mobile) then it will almost certainly be more cost effective to migrate your site to a new website design that does this automatically, than to try to fix the existing site. 

There will undoubtedly be added benefits and extra functionality by migrating your website too, so it is well worth the small extra monthly cost that will be involved. If you want more information on this please call 01472 306100 or Email


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