Lead Generation – Level 3

Level 3

£ 799
/ month
  • Premium lead generation package
  • Designed to generate leads quickly and cost effectively
  • Set your own advertising budget - control what you spend
  • Highly targeted advertising - get to the people who want your product service now!
  • Custom landing pages - one for each advert to optimise conversion rates.
  • Marketing telephone number(s) - track best performing ads to maximise ROI
  • Marketing database - contacts automatically logged for future marketing activities.
  • Automated Email sequence to people who have completed your landing page form(s).
  • Re-targeting of visitors who have visited your website or landing pages
Best ROI

All  our lead generation packages use Pay Per Click (PPC) and paid social advertising.

What is Level 3 lead generation?

Lead generation level 3 is our top of the range lead generation package. For those wanting to generate leads now and plan for future marketing activities to potential clients who have shown an interest. 

If you don’t already have an existing website with suitable landing pages that can be used to effectively convert the advertising clicks into leads / business this is the package for you.

What is included?

  • Assessment of your website for suitability (if you have one).
  • Business analysis – understanding who you business is, what it does and what makes it different.
  • Competitor analysis  – who are your main competitors, how are they promoting their business and what keywords are the using.
  • Keyword research to establish the most likely keywords and phrases to generate leads for your business.
  • Setup, management and monitoring of multiple adverts to target different market segments and/or different products/services.
  • Setup, management and monitoring of traffic to and enquiries from landing pages (landing pages can be created on your existing website if you have one or separately if not). Ideal for new businesses.
  • Creation of one or more marketing telephone numbers. These enable us to track which are the most effective adverts and landing pages so that we can focus more resources to those ads and maximise your conversion rates.
  • Creation of a marketing database of those people who have completed the landing page enquiry form. 
  • Automated Email sequence to the contacts in the marketing database mentioned above.
  • Creation of additional Email campaigns regarding company news, new products or services, special offers etc.sent to be sent to the contacts in your marketing database (contacts from your other marketing sources can be added to this list too).
  • Re-targeting of visitors to your website or landing pages with additional visual reminders that they have looked at your products and/or services.

How much does the advertising cost?

Our monthly fee covers the setup, management and monitoring of your adverts and landing pages and Email marketing campaigns. The cost of running the Pay Per Click (PPC) and paid social media adverts is an additional cost. BUT how much you spend is entirely up to you. 

You set your budget based on what you can afford. As the adverts start to generate leads and sales for you, you can increase the advertising spend accordingly. Whatever you can afford to spend we will work to maximise the return on your investment.


Can I use this package if I don't have a website?

Absolutely! If you have a website we can add pages to it to use as landing pages BUT if you do not have a website or it is in need of updating we can create custom designed, independent landing pages to convert your click throughs.   

I have a website but it needs work. Can you help?

As mentioned in the previous, point you do not need a website to use this lead generation package to generate business.

However, we would always recommend that you have a website and it is maintained regularly and optimised for search engines. This way your website and the rest of your online presence is working for you all the time and not just when you are paying for adverts.

A good website also enhances your online brand and gives you somewhere to showcase everything potential clients need to know about your business. 

At Funnel-WebMarketing we can look to optimize your existing site or design and develop you a new one. Depending on your exact requirements it can be just as cost effective to re-develop the whole site as to try and make the best of the old one. We would be happy to look at your existing website and advise you accordingly. Call 01472 306100 to speak to someone now. Or read more about our website design service.

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